Inspection & Testing Lab


Vickers Hardness Testing Machine


BIE Make Vickers as well as Vickers cum Brinell Hardness Testers Models: BV-50 is suitable for Vickers and Brinell Hardness of Steel and other metals. These machines are designed and manufactures for very high accuracy, reliability and ease of operation.

The selection of load is effected with the push button control system. The measurement of diagonal/ diameter of indentation is done with the help o built-in optical system with graduated readout with Micrometer. After taking indentation on the work piece, the objective lens is automatically swiveled into position and image of indentation appears on the focusing screen fitted in front of the machine. A push button is provided for starting the loading cycle and unloading is accomplished though hand lever. This machine conforms to IS: 1754-1986 for Vickers and IS: 2281-1983, BS: 240 for Brinell Test.

Profile Projector


  • Vertical Optical Comparator CPJ-3000 series is mainly used for the measurement of the mechanical parts of the length, angle, contour and surface shape.
  •  It can inpect all kinds of surface and outline of complicated workpieces like cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on.

Spring Testing Machine


Spring testing machine enable load deflection tests of tension and compression springs to be carried out accurately and quickly. The Cabinet contains the hydraulic unit the hand wheel of the pump and the release valve handle are outside the cabinet for easy operation. This compact base carrier two fixed upright and four horizontal plates. The first and the third plates with two small uprights from an adjustable frame. The second and the fourth plates are fixed. A square threaded wheel arrangements provided for adjusting the height of the springs. A Bourdon type gauge is fixed for direct load measurements. One fixed upright is graduated to denote the deflections or tension of the springs for direct readings. A thimble with on arrow mark is provided to facilitate the readings.

Valve Testing Fixture


Valve testing fixture is designed to clamp and test LPG valves fittings and related pressure bearing parts. It is a vertical Presser tester.Hydrostatic or pneumatic seat testing can be performed from both sides without removing the valve from the clamp fixture.

Valve Body Leak Detector


Tight shut-off of LPG valve is usually achieved using seals, such as elastomeric seals or Teflon® seals.This fixture is used to detect the leakages in LPG VALVE body due to any material or manufacturing defects.

High accuracy izod impact strength test machine is mainly used in metals  to determine impact toughness in materials.

Tensile Testing Machine


  • Capacity:0~500kg .
  • Unit(Switchable): kgf, lbf , N , kN, kPa, MPa etc…
  • Load Resolution: 1/200,000
  • Load Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Effective width: 400mm
  • Test speed: 0~100 mm/min Selectable
  • Speed Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Weight(approx.): Unit 290kg

Miscellaneous Testing Equipment


  • Millipore Value Test Equipment.
  •  Slip Gauges.
  •  Spring Testing Fixture.
  •  Rubber Component Sour Hardness Testing Equipment.
  •  Pressure gauge calibration & test equipment.
  •  Surface Finish coating thickness Test Equipment.
  •  Electrical break down test equipment for anodized components.
  •  Spinning Machine.
  •  Striker Test Penetration Equipment.
  •  Cap Load Testing Fixture.
  •  Vernier Calipers.
  •  Micrometers.
  •  Dial Gauges etc.