Drill Machines

Gang Drill Machine


  • Large range of drilling, all the driller adopt quick coupling, convenient and efficient.
  • Both drilling depth and drilling distance adopt photoelectric switch. Locate quickly and accurately.

Gang Drill Machine


Drilling Capacity in solid
Drilling in Steel 38 mm
Drilling in C.I. 40 mm
Tapping capacity in steel 25 mm

Line Drill Machine


Tapping cum drilling machines are high precision machines ideally suitable for small and medium sizes intricate parts in the production line. The spindle is made of high-grade alloy steel which is hardened and ground.

1 inch Drill Machine


Max. Drilling Capacity in (M.S) mm 50
Max. Drilling Capacity in (C.I) mm 56

Jigs and Fixtures


Drilling Jigs:

Drilling jigs are used to machine holes in mechanical products to obtain positional accuracy of the holes harden drill bushes or jig bushes are used to locate and guide drills and reamers etc. In relation to the work piece these guide bushes are not essential but these prove to be economical and technically desirable.

A fixture is a work-holding or support device used in the manufacturing industry. Fixtures are used to securely locate (position in a specific location or orientation) and support the work, ensuring that all parts produced using the fixture will maintain conformity and interchangeability.