Ammunition system


Fuse DA 162 mk8 for 81mm Mortar System
Fuse DA 5A for 51mm Mortar System.


Fuse DA 117 mk20 for 105 mm field gun shells.


Fuse DA 5A.


Mortar training device for training of infantry troops.
Fuse DA 5A for 51mm Mortar System.


Adapters For Various Shells.



  • On fire,the sleeve and segments holding the striker are released due to set back and centrifugal force. The striker motion releases the weight, which gets into armed condition. The safeties being released, the striker on impact impinges on the detonator, setting the detonation wave to be activated.The fuze functions even at a low angle of impact.
  • The fuze, acting in Direct Action mode, is simple in design but rugged and reliable.
  • The mechanical safeties are released by set back and centrifugal forces which otherwise keep the fuze in a non-functional state.


Characteristics Nose fuze operating in Direct Action mode
Usage Artillery ammunition 105mm IFG HE
Metal Steel &  Brass
Weight 1140 gm
Number Of Components 22
Dimension 60*125 mm



  • On fire from the mortar, set back force releases the mechanical safeties of the detent, ball and shutter. On direct impact, the striker initiates the explosive train for the bomb to function at the terminal.
  • The fuze provides mechanical safety to the ammunition in handling, storage and transportation.
  • Simple in design but rugged in construction, the fuze is reliable in operation and safety.


Characteristics Nose Fuze; simple in design
Usage 51mm HE Mortar Bomb
Metal Steel & Aluminium
Weight 270 gm
Number Of Components 21
Dimension 51*82 mm

FUZE 162 MK8 (M-2)


  • On firing, set-back force pushes the detent, allowing the steel ball to roll down,which releases the striker to push forward. The shutter moves out of its safe position and the detonator housed in the shutter is brought in armed position. On direct impact at target, the striker hits the detonators, setting out the ignition train.
  • The design of the fuze is simple yet effective and reliable.
  • The safety cap protects the wind shield and the striker additionally during storage and transportation.


Usage 81mm smooth bomb Mortar HE ammunition
Metal Steel &  Brass
Weight 505 gm
Number Of Components 16
Dimension 38*91 mm



  • MTD is an inexpensive, safe and fool proof method to train the crew to handle 81mm Mortar HE Ammunition. The device is used with sabot, which not being destructed can be used for 1000 firings.
  • On firing, cartridge alongwith sabot assembly is ejected from the mortar and while sabot after a short distance of 2-3 m detaches projectile follows the trajectory desired.
  • Function of the device is observed as smoke, sound and Flash at the set target.


Usage Training of crew members to simulate handling and loading of 81mm mortar HE bomb
Metal Steel , Aluminium and Brass
Weight 470 gm
Number of Components 16
Dimension 39*230 mm


  • ADAPTERS are fitted on shells to hold the fuse.


Usage Use In Shells To Hold The Fuse.
Metal Steel
Weight 400-950 gms
Number of Components Nil
Dimension 60*150 mm

Hardware for Electronic Fuze’s


  • This is the hardware specifically designed and crafted for Electronic Fuze’s which are mainly used in Artillery and Naval guns 105mm,130mm & 150mm.


Usage Hardware for Electronic fuze’s for Artillery and Naval guns, 105mm, 130mm & 150mm
Metal Steel.
Weight 850 gm
Number of Components 1
Dimension 61*131 mm