CNC Machines



DX-200 CNC Turning Center


  • PMax. swing over bed: 360mm
  • Max. swing over carriage: 180mm( tool post ) 130mm ( gang-type tool post)
  • Spindle bore: 58mm
  • Upper part style of spindle: A2-6
  • Motor power: 5.5 KW
  • Chuck styles : Hydraulic
  • Chuck size: 200mm

VMC-430  Vertical Machining Center


  •  High rigidity and high stability in machine structure
  •  High precision three-axis feeding system
  •  High speed precision spindle
  •  Fast and reliable tool chaning mechanism

14D Twin Chucker CNC


  • Heavy Duty Base with inbuilt foundation for stability & vibration damping.
  •  High Precision LM Guideways on X & Z axis for accuracy, Long Life & High Rapid Speeds.
  •  Spindles Mounted on Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings.
  • Servo Motors with Absolute Encoders directly coupled to Double Nut “Backlash Free” High Precision, Ground Ball Screws.
  •  Linear Tooling System for Both Heads for very fast “Tool to Tool” Time

PX-10 Vertical Machining Center


Px 10 Rapid in 3 axis segment of vertical machining centers working throughout world, Jyoti has introduced PX series of machines. constant innovations, expertise and stringent analysis.

DX-200-3 CNC Turning Center


DX 200 series of machines with Monoblock 45° Slant bed structure for superior rigidity and durability providing value for money. Setting up a standard in terms of power, torque, precision and accuracy these series of machine are fully capable to work with higher load carrying capacity and entertain complex jobs with cost effective solutions with better tool life.

DX-200-3-B CNC Turning Center


DX 200 is a Turing Centre by Jyoti CNC which is the answer to best surface finish for both smaller and bigger diameter jobs that too with better tool-life with machine working on higher parameters. DX 200 has proved itself to be a kind of machine optimum for large range of job works available in the manufacturing industry with faster and exceptional output with minimum of non-productive time.