Company Overview



We are a team of industry professionals, experienced engineers, sales enthusiasts, purchasers, and problem solvers, all working together to bring our customers the very best service in the simplest possible way. Making it easy is not just our motto, but our way of doing business!

Vidarbha Gas Vessels Pvt ltd. was founded in the year 1985. Our company is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in the Manufacturing, Machining and Supplying of Precision Components and Development of Various Systems Required by Ordnance Factories, Goverment of India, Ministry Defence, Automotive Industries like Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Oil Companies.Our extensive portfolio of products is designed, manufactured and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen, working from purpose-built premises.Drawing on a manufacturing capability that spans over 32 years, we offer unrivalled expertise, skills and resources in metal manufacture, producing over 1,000 standard products, as well as bespoke design, all made to the highest quality standards.

Industries we Serve



Minstry of Defence

We are one of the leading manufacturer of  Ammunition fuse DA 117 mk20 for 105 mm field gun shells.We manufacture Ammunition fuse DA 162 mk8 for 81 mm and fuse DA 5A mk20 for 51 mm mortar System.

Automobile Industry

We are one of the supplier for Ms. Mahindra & Mahindra LTD piston assembly for their 60hp & 40hp hydraulic System.

Oil & Gas Industry

We manufacture self closing LPG valves for domestic cylinders. Our major customers are Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited,Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited & Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

To be:

  • Our customers’ preferred supplier.
  • A strong and sound company for our stakeholders.
  • An innovative company.
  • An extraordinary place to work.

Vidarbha Gas Vessels  will provide the highest-quality end products to our customers, while striving to make them the leaders in their respective industries. To guarantee our continued success we will achieve a reasonable profit, continue to be the leader in our industry through individual and combined dedication, innovation, and integrity. We will give our employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

Our Values

  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Treat people with respect
  • Conduct all business lawfully
  • Accept individual and corporate responsibility
  • Strive for customer satisfaction
  • Improve and innovate continuously
  • Never be wasteful
  • Always work effectively and efficiently


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Govt. Of India

Ministry of Defence

Mahindra Automobiles

Mr. Raju Jain

Managing Director

Mr. Raju Jain is one of the Board of directors of Vidarbha Gas Pvt Ltd. He is leading member of the Organization. He has over 25 years of experience in Engineering Industry.

Mr. C.B Yadav

General Manager

C.B. Yadav is an IOFS (Retired) having  experience of more than 35 year in Armament Technologies.He is a specialized in Manufacture & testing of Fuzzes, Primers & Cartage Cases.